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Pecatonica Area School District

    1. Purpose and Introduction

      The following is a Request for Proposal (RFP) for vendors to provide consulting and services to the Pecatonica School District (“District”) for the creation of a comprehensive, long-range facilities plan. The plan shall include methodologies for funding accompanied by cost projections and optimized funding alternatives. Due to the fact that these kinds of studies require multiple entities to work together, the District is seeking to select a single vendor that can coordinate the study, provide possible referendum assistance, planning, design, and construction services and possible Act 32 guidance (if it fits within the legislative timeline).

       Any questions concerning this RFP should be directed to Jill Underly, Superintendent. Questions are to be submitted in writing via email to

       Written proposals will be accepted in the Superintendent’s Office until July 31, 2018. Proposals must be in a sealed envelope/package marked “RFP Master Planning, Design, & Construction Management Services”.

       A contract award will be made on the basis of the proposal(s) submitted which is, in the opinion of the District, in its best interest and all decisions are final. The District reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or parts thereof, and to waive informalities in the proposal(s) received.

       Interviews with one or more finalist selection may be scheduled at the discretion of the District.


    1. Timetable

 The following RFP timetable has been established.


RFP Issued:                              May 15, 2018

RFP Due Date:                        July 31, 2018

Potential Interviews:           August – September 2018

Finalist Selection:                  October 15, 2018

Contract Award:                    October 15, 2018

Design/Remodel Target:    TBD


The District consists of 2 buildings – Hollandale and Blanchardville with approximately 430 students along with 75 employees. The Pecatonica Area School District may acquire property adjacent to the High School building in the next 2 – 5 years and would like a visual plan of potential upgrades and improvements to offer the community based on District needs and community desires. Potential indicated desires have included gymnasium expansion, indoor track and weight room facility, expanded locker rooms, and a 450 seat full auditorium with performance space and backstage/catwalk/prop and costume storage.


The school district is also interested in early childhood programming and whether current facilities are sufficient to house this program at the elementary building. Early childhood programming and daycare were

ied by the community as “needs” as well as “wants” in an area that has limited certified childcareresources. Therefore the district would like to know if it has sufficient options to accommodate the addition and potential growth of this programming in Hollandale.


    1. Facilities Assessment
      1. Examination and understanding of the Pecatonica (Blanchardville and Hollandale) community, along with anticipation of present and future community sentiment and expectations regarding how the District should address facility issues.
      2. Understanding present and future school and community growth, factoring in corresponding facility requirements, and anticipating necessary long-term facility use.
      3. Understanding internal and external drivers such as the State’s school funding, emerging academic programming needs, Board priorities, and the District’s strategic plans.
      4. Knowledge of the budget constraints and options of the District.
      5. Work with the District to establish a vision for the facilities initiative.
      6. Provide full facilities assessments of each of the District’s schools. Assessments should include:
        • Building capacity analysis
        • Study educational space requirements of the District
        • Identify facility condition and educational adequacy
        • Analysis of facility capital maintenance needs
        • Provide a comprehensive report to the Board
      7. Assess the condition of the existing major building systems and components, determine the projected life expectancies of these systems and components, provide cost estimate for upgrades or replacements of these systems and components, provide cost estimate for upgrades or replacements of these systems and components, and assist the District with the development of a comprehensive, long-range facilities plan.


    2. Master Planning
      1. Describe the current use of facilities, establish future program needs that will be utilized in the creation of a master plan.
      2. Grade configurations: Determine if there is space available to incorporate a preschool/3 yr old preschool.
      3. Long-range Plan: Assist in development of solutions for the District to solve its short and long-term facilities issues, including a plan of schools by grade level, identification of facility improvement requirements, and an associated implementation plan.
      4. Develop a proposed master plan that includes options that can be shared with the community. Also include graphical representations of the selected options and associate project costs for each element of the master plan.
      5. Evaluation: Assist the District in facilitating an evaluation of the proposed improvements with the faculty, administration, board, and community.
      6. Perform energy and operational savings calculations for applicable improvements.
      7. Assist the District in development of a funding plan that maximizes effectiveness and efficiency, and optimizes funding resources. It is the District’s intent to create a partnership with the selected vendor and leverage this partnership to get the best possible value on these projects for the taxpayers of the District.


  1. Design and Construction Management Services
    1. Provide complete architectural, engineering, construction management and potentially performance contracting services for the selected improvements.

    2. High performance, sustainable designs are required by the District.

    3. Design and construction management services must be provided in such a way that the plan’s corresponding financial solution is realized by the District.



    1. Cost of Proposal Preparation

      The District will not reimburse the cost of preparing a response to this RFP. Firm is encouraged to visit the District for onsite assessments.


      Information to be included in the Vendor’s Proposal

      Proposals must be submitted in the format outlined in this section, with each of the sections completed in full. Each proposal will be reviewed to determine if it is complete prior to actual evaluation. Submit three (3) copies of your response.


      1. Title/Cover Page: Indicate the name of your firm, local address, telephone number, email address, and date submitted.


      2. Company Profile: Provide a brief profile of your firm, including the firm’s name, address, phone number, and email address of the principal address. Include historical data, current workload, and other pertinent information deemed appropriate. Provide the names of key individuals who will be working on this project from your firm, their titles and responsibilities. Please enclose brief bios/resumes.


      3. Litigation: Please identify and provide a brief summary of any arbitrations, settlements, and/or judgments resulting from any services provided by your firm in the past five years.


      4. References: Submit a list of references tailored to your understanding of our project, and to whom we may call for verification.


      5. Master Planning Process: Describe your firm’s process for executing the scope of work and for how will you keep the District informed throughout the process.


      6. Design Phase Process: Describe your proposed design approach. What do you see as your role as a member of the integrated design team for these projects? Does your firm provide engineering services in-house? Do you provide utility and operational savings calculations? If so, provide examples of your calculations.


      7. Construction Phase Services: Describe how you see your approach to all phases of construction in regards to the projects from bid process through punch-list and testing. Describe in detail your firm’s approach to project procurement. Describe if your firm will self-perform any of the construction work within the scope of the project. Describe if your firm or an affiliated subsidiary or sister company will provide any construction equipment used on the job site.

  1. Project Closeout, Warranty, and Performance Assurance: Describe the punch-list process. Describe the mechanical system and direct digital control commissioning process that your firm will provide and the training on new equipment that the District’s personnel will receive. To the extent that your firm is willing to guarantee utility and operational savings, describe in detail the performance assurance processes that you intend to use to ensure the buildings operate at the desired performance on completion of the project.


  2. Cost:

    1. Provide a lump sum fee to complete the Facilities Assessment and Master Planning services described above, the fee should include all reimbursable costs.

    2. Provide your fee for architectural and engineering services, specify any reimbursable expenses or additional services not included in the fee.

    3. Provide your fee for construction management services


  3. Additional Information: Provide other information in consideration of your firm. Information may include special capabilities, firm strengths, or any other information that you feel is important for us to know.

    V. Evaluation Criteria




Percent Scale

Company Overview



-Team Experience

Experience working with Wisconsin school districts on both referenda and nonreferenda projects is valued by the District.






Quality of Wisconsin school district references. Rural school references are encouraged.



Technical Approach

-Master Planning

-Design Services

-CM Services

-Project Closeout


The District is seeking a firm that utilizes proven processes and methods to maximize value for the entire community.




Cost of Services


The District is seeking a high-quality firm that will provide excellent personalized service at a fair price




Value-added Services


Information provided will be evaluated based on its perceived value to the District.






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